I am just sick & tired of tip-toeing around the real issue of our prison system and I believe I need to say what the realities are in our prisons today. The last two prisons that I have been released from are, HMP-PENTONVILLE & HMP-WORMWOOD SCRUBS. Today, my best description of these prisons are psychiatric, immigration centres. Holding pens, for the mentally ill and socially inept awaiting deportation. The staff and regime are hanging on by their fingernails, Nobody knows what they are doing that morning they turn up for work. All the  governors seem to do is, to make sure every prisoner gets a stale roll/baguette and packet of crisps for lunch and hopefully a lukewarm very uninviting meal around 4pmuntitled
This was inedible to me personally, I lost 4 stone in a year. The staff really don’t know what to expect. The left hand really doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. They guess work the structure around those two serving food times. This is really is how the day unfolds in the prison system. These are London local prisons that cater for England’s capital city. Now, I first went to these prisons back in the 1980s,  I was in my 20s. At that time the, Prison Offices Association(POA). Although not in the best of conditions and/or relations between inmate and officer, everybody knew where they stood. It was a brutal regime at times but, the truth was you didn’t ask for anything, coz you wasn’t getting nothing. That’s how it was. Simple as that.

Quite a large majority of officers were ex forces and they held themselves respectively in their uniform. Which demanded unspoken respect from the system as a whole. However, the system & POA, was a highly respected job and position. Sadly there were a lot of times this system was abused. In the early 80s, there were no such things has outside agencies working within the walls of the local prisons of each city, namely: Walton, Strangeways, Winson Green, Wandsworth, Scrubs, Pentonville to mention a few. These local prisons were flagships and strongholds for the POA. Therefore, the regimes were strict and militant. Furthermore, it was a closed shop, what happened inside those walls, stayed behind those walls. That is why a number of prisoners were murdered by prison officers, also some severe underhand tactics that went on.  I will be writing more about the some of the serious incidents, that I personally experienced and witnessed over the 40 years of institutions.

Yes my blog is to help make a better system but, I am not going to just lose myself in the politics of  being politically correct within this post/blog. I will be equal, fair, transparent and mostly honest about our judicial system in the hope of making some sort of positive change for the future. In all the circumstances and what we unfold on this journey, I want you the reader to get the whole picture and not get caught up with the smoke-screen of political detraction.

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