As each door unlocks and more prisoners spill out on to the landings, it goes from a quiet hum and the odd sound of jangling keys to a noisey chaotic atmosphere. Prisoners talking about last nights TV, along with yawns, grunts, farts, coughs and then, trading begins. A roll-up for a teabag, a milk sachet for a rizla and some good old fashion aggressive begging. ‘Gis a snout”, ”Got any coffee. ”Take his fucking lighter wick!, Don’t forget to sort that bag out for me. (Heroin). ”Get that Katey Price (spice)off him!!!. This unruly, chaotic period, is all mixed up with deviant, twisted, violent thoughts, threats, and feelings. Sadly, all this is coupled with the countries most socially inept individuals. Amongst this mayhem, there will be some prisoners huddled together all getting involved in the ”Chinese Wispers” & ”Prison Politics”, these are the cowards who cannot deal with violence themselves yet, they will cause the most ‘paranoia’ on the wings. They talk out the corner of their mouths, talking about everyone else, looking for any weakness and then start say, ”Hes a Nonce”, He’s a Grass, He’s a C***. In general, everybody is talking about somebody else. This is true if, they don’t have anything nasty or vindictive to say about an individual. They will scrutinise each others every move, study each others character and/or their personality for reasons that will become apparent.

This is done because of the deep rooted fear that lurks just below the surface of each and every person that works and lives within the prison estates/environment. Most prisoners do it because, that is the only way that they can get through another day, in the prison estates…

They will use all their energy and time searching and focusing on each other for any kind of weakness, trait or vulnerability that one might display. This is done to exploit the other person in one way or another. This is a deflection from themselves to make themselves feel slightly safer… This is also  an aid to shun looking at their own skeletons, weaknesses, insecurities and failures. We are all human and unique individuals, therefore, each and everyone of us does possess some character defect or trait, being human means, being fallible. (Not to a prisoner). However, no matter how small this trait maybe within a prison environment, it will be magnified (many times over).  Sadly, this will be used against you in one form or another. This will be as a outward appearance of defence for themselves or simply to ridicule, laugh, or be-little you. However, the reality is that, this information that they have collated on you, will be used very effectively against you. This will be done in a very dangerous and/or vindictive way.

Accordingly, although some prisoners are very clever, deceitful, devious and cunning, there are also the outstanding academically. However, a large majority of the prison population are socially inept. They lack the skills that the rest of society requires. Hence, the judicial system to deal with these people and segregate them from the ”norm”. Sadly they don’t possess those skills to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner. All these men confined in such a small environment is not healthy or even humane. That means we have a false environment, full of kidology on both sides and a false world full of distorted, twisted beliefs. Twisted minds encapsulated, with a false sense of security and delusions of grandeur. All this topped like icing on a cake, coupled with sad pathetic beliefs that there is some form of criminal code.

This so called criminal code is really  for cowards and brainless thugs (Bullies). They will use this to make up some form of rule or point to suit and/or fit their particular situation, and/or predicament that they or their friends have found themselves in. This is to minimise their own crimes along with the horror, shame and guilt, that they themselves perpetrated on to their own victims, more so, to circumvent their own cowardice and weaknesses. Furthermore, the prison criminal code is something that any decent, intelligent, moralistic human being would avoid. Let me give you an example that I have personally witnessed on a few accassions. A prisoner has come on to the landing and he is in for rape. This guy is quite a big lad and looks like he could handle himself. If I can see this then, the so called chaps and gangsters that supposedly run the wing can see it too. Therefore, because of his stature and as he looks like he can have a bit of a fight, the so-called chaps & gangsters will already be preparing their defence. .Their defence will go something like this… ”Yeah! But, She was a prostitute though and she only called the police coz he wouldn’t pay her….and/or ” No! it ain’t rape!, it was his ex-girlfriend and she’s done this to get back at him… This is the chaps/gangsters justification. (because he could be a threat to their strong-hold on the wing). However, the opposite is true, I have personally witnessed this too. Another prisoner that come on to the same wing, charged with the same offence (rape) the only difference being, is that this guy is, of medium stature, a little bit timid and not very literate in prison slang. The same ‘chaps/gangsters’ surrounded this timid guy like wolfs round a vulnerable prey. They huddled round him and dealt him some severe violence, to the point where, he was put in intensive care… This attack was not done by an individual, (it would be very rare, if done by individual) this was constructed by a load of weak sheep. 6 to 8 ‘chaps/gangsters’ to hospitalise a timid man. They couldn’t see the shame of how pathetic they acted/looked. Overall, this is how 99% of prisons run. Fear and the simple reason is that they have not got the courage, to take someone single headedly. I am not just talking about vulnerable prisoners  here, I am talking about the whole prison population, The ‘chaps/gangsters’ that is in for GBH, forgot to tell the other chaps/gangsters, that it was his wife, or the house they burgled was an old ladies house, that lived on her own. Prisons are not very nice places that is why, not very nice people go there. We all need to face up to the fact that the ”old lovable rogue” has gone… In todays society, there is no room for letting the loonies run the mad-houses. In layperson  terms…You can’t let todays prisoners, run todays prisons. The right people in the right places know what I mean…They also know that this post is the truth behind our prison system.

If you have a different point of view than me, then let us read it….

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  1. That was interesting to read. I am a former Correctional Officer in America. I worked a maximum security unit. This piece could have been written about the prison I worked in. No difference.

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