Most recent figures show there are 19,925 full-time officers to look after 83,000 prisoners.
The starting salary for a ­prison officer is £20,750.

RORY STEWART THE NEW PRISONS MINISTER; Talking about prison estates. He says, at any one time, there could be just a handful of prison officers on a landing, managing as many as 80 individuals. (I write) ”It’s not brave, 76/78 of these prisoners would not be involved in any fight or argument, if there was to be one) If there is a scuffle, 98% of the time it will be handbags at dawn. He then goes on to say, There are several questions a new prison officer might ask, and many have been in the service less than a year. I write, can you blame them?

This is the first time, in my whole adult life, where have I had no threat of prison licence hanging over my head. Accordingly, today I shall/will have my Democratic say. Which rightly includes my free speech, this is something I could have been recalled to prison for before. However, now I shall speak openly and honestly about the secret, devious, twisted, manipulative system that, not only removes people from society, (which should be their punishment) it’s a way in which they continue to disempower and oppress these prisoners, punishing them mentally, emotionally and even physically at times. Furthermore, for you, the lay-person, please don’t sit back thinking we have a humane prison system in this country because, we do not. The whole regime, structure and  ethos of the prison system is barbaric, it’s done shrewdly, hidden behind age-old laws and practices. This is done in a clever way in which, we as a small country won wars. The psychology behind prison is based on intelligence. divide and conquer, Basic, Standard & Enhanced prisoners. they also have a  way to meet the human rights laws and disclose itself as being up to date and as politically correct as possible. It is not! They prison system openly reveals that they pay fines for certain things in which they don’t comply with on the human rights legislation laws. (that’s another post)

First of foremost, this young man Roy Stewart prisons minister, is the fall guy. As we (prisoners) is about to implode/explode. He is saying things that have been said since, I was a young prisoner. (some 30 odd years ago) Only the speech that he now makes  is/are a bit more grammatically written and politically correct. Sadly, if only he knew that, this has all be said and done before. He is not bringing nothing new to the table. However, he’d be right in one sense, as no decent, civilised, industrious working person would want to work in such a disgusting environment, as some of our jails are today. Therefore, a prison officer, after a year or so of abuse, maybe spat at, punched, or physically threatened then, the one time enthusiastic prison officer, usually comes to their senses and thinks to themselves, amongst other things… ‘for a poxy £18 to £20 odd grand a year, I cannot take this much abuse? really? it’s not worth it? Furthermore, I am putting my life on the line, every time I walk those landings….Really? Would you reading this put up with that?

Moreover, prison has a way of bringing the worst out of everyone, even the most socially acceptable prisoner, looks at the prison staff like they are a bag of shit, or something much worse. Accordingly, the prison staff are no different, they start to mis-behave and do the same. They would never, could never, express that openly. However, the prison officers that walk the landings today, know that I am telling the truth. A prison officers job was a highly respected position not that long ago. However, today they literally give anybody a job. This is because nobody in their right mind would want to be looked upon like this or even associated with Britain’s HMP-Service. This really means, an idiot that can’t get a job anywhere else., can come and join the service.roof manc Today, can you imagine being a parent and all the years that you cherished and protected your child from the worst in society then one day, your daughter or son comes home to tell you that they want to become a prison officer…  With the state of our prisons today, you would be devastated… Don’t get me wrong, some people go into the job hoping that they maybe able to do some good. This is knocked out of them in the first year. I have witnessed hundreds of prison officers coming into the job and you can see they are decent naive human beings, yet, within a few months, they are in a job that they certainly didn’t sign up for.

This is not just a rant from a bitter twisted ex-prisoner. I am just saying how and what I have witnessed over the last 40 years. Take Birmingham for example, (in the news today) the government had to take control of it back from the private sector. Don’t kid yourselves, they have lost control of a lot more of their own institutions. Only they somehow manage to keep this under the secrets act and on a very low profile. Like a lot of the serious incidents and murders that have been committed by prison staff over the years.

If the truth be known, every single local prison is on a knife-edge and some long term ones too. They are not short-staffed, nobody decent wants to work in that kind of environment, I see adverts for prison staff all over the place. Nobody wants to work there. As a prison officer, would you like to be getting ready for work each day, knowing that the people who you interact with, all hate your guts and would stab you in the back given half a chance? Prison-cell-PA-439218

In all the circumstances, the whole place needs a makeover and that should start with staffing. But equally, there is no point in endless targets exhorting the prison officer to transform offenders, change lives, and protect the public or in volunteers offering theatre classes and qualifications in building trades, catering, literacy and needlework — if the cells are filthy, the prisoners off their heads on drugs and the prison officers are so exposed that they are frightened, can’t unlock the cell doors, or safely escort the prisoners to their activities. Can you imagine what a prisoner that is disempowered, oppressed and completely frightened, intimidated and at a loss with feelings of loneliness and isolation must be feeling? This is how it is, for a large majority of  prisoners… You do this to a human being and I am sorry but, there really is only one way and that is to come out fighting…. The whole prison service needs a massive shake up. If the MOJ & the Prisons Minister keep sticking plasters on broken bones, then they must except the consequences…And Believe me people, it is in the post…     


  1. This is how it should be said….Another BRILLIANT Post mate!
    It looks like there is a book in all these posts…

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