To many people making statements and spitting out mis-leading facts. Therefore, as an ex-long-term prisoner I thought I would give people the correct information about how our phone system works within our prison estates.

There is still 90% of prison estates that do not have in-cell phones yet.Prison-myths Therefore, I will give you a quick overview of how the phone system really works in our prisons.

The way you phone people from prison (right from the start – no exceptions, no “one phone call allowed”, nothing like that) is by going to one of the public phones in the corridor or wing, which are operated using a special PIN number. This system has several hurdles you will need to overcome.

On arriving you will be given a PIN which you need to enter before making any phone calls. From the start, this system immediately throws up three issues:

You have to be able to get to the phone, and therefore let out of your cell

You need to have money on this PIN

You have to be authorised to call the number you want…

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