WARNING. Some strong Language. UNDER 21s IN PRISON UNIFORMS…

Today 19 year old staff are still recruited, they do not however have the training and/or the maturity that is crucial for this kind of career. Staff in the 80s, 90s, 2000s had more senior staff to ease them into the prison officer role. Today young officers they land at their establishments and then dropped in at the deep end with modern staffing levels deemed acceptable by the prison service. Then they will be expected to run the unit/prison landing facing all the the issues and chaos that experienced prison staff would struggle to control. There is no more ”Old School” Screws in the prisons, some of the old screws would have time for the odd bit of advice and guidance, if it was really required, the hand on the shoulder chit chat. Moreover these young officers really have no life experiences, prisons have moved on intellectually and prisoners need to keep ahead of that regime. Therefore, synthetic drugs, Weapons, Violence, Organised Criminal activity and a society/prison system, that is beginning to educate via the PlayStation, XBox and illicit Smart Phones. Furthermore the Advanced Thinking Skills Courses that prisoners use to enhance their criminality, not to become socially acceptable.

It is really difficult for a team of people to control societies most socially inept. Even I understand that as an ex-prisoner. This is why I really struggle in thinking where the Prison System is going to be in the next 10 years. My last experience of Prison was quite recent, therefore, I am up-to-date with the realities of the prison landings and the trials and tribulations these young people are facing.

At 57, I was even taken aback by this verbal scenario on a prison landing, A likable young lad that should of been in his cell over an hour ago was still hiding from the officers on the landings of a very large wing. He was always slipping round the officers and although a nice lad to the inmates, as he cut himself up a lot so the prisoners use to let him get away with his odd behaviour as he had ADHD. However, he wasn’t very popular with the staff for his quick wittiness and agility to manoeuvre around a prison undetected. This day an officer a year or two younger than this young inmate, was getting very determined to get him behind his door and started shouting his name very loudly round the wing. Everybody would be locked up in 5 minutes anyway, I didn’t know why the officer was wasting his time, with only minutes to bang up the young inmate appears out on the landing by my cell door with another inmate who sadly also self harms. The officer who had been hunting for this young lad seen them and said RIGHT! Lets get you two back in your kennels. The young prisoner bursts into a torrid of violent disgusting words aimed directly at the screw who’d said get in your kennels, as a young girl officer of about 20 came along to stand by her colleague. The lad who cuts himself shouts, ”KENNELS” You long streak of gay piss, go and fuck your Mum, You stinking covid carrying weirdo. Go suck your Mum and tell your transvestite Dad to stop fucking your sister, you incestuous cunt.



Although, this was shocking for me to watch and hear the little girl Prison Officer, understandingly, burst out crying. The officer who caused all this, is standing with his mouth agape, there it utter shock at the volley of abuse that’s just been unloaded on him. However, the sympathy that I just started to have for him stopped in it’s tracks as he said, ”Yeah, Yeah, Go & Cut Yourself”. He said this as the prisoner was walking away. However, myself and his friend who also cuts himself clearly heard what he said and without hesitation his friend another prisoner says very loudly, ”What the fuck are you saying that for, You fucking silly cunt!!! What if he cuts himself up tonight? Other officers and prisoners are coming towards us and their cells, therefore, we all disperse, screws too. Before I bang up I call the lad back who just said that to the officer and I say, calm down and be aware in case this screw gets in first and says we threatened him or something along those lines coz, he knows he’s just spoke himself into a sackable position and he needs to back-track and look after his own arse. He may do something along those lines, OK Jimmy, see you in the morning.

About 6:30pm, this screw has most probably volunteered to do an A shift (Late) Everyone is banged up for the night, no other prisoners are out of their cells and most of the screws have gone home, also landings and its quieting down. Slowly my door starts to open and in comes the screw that’s the cause off all this chaos earlier and he sheepishly says, I didn’t say go and cut up to that prisoner James (my full title) he never even heard it. I said, Look if you want to come and explain yourself to me then first, Don’t take me for a cunt. You said it and me and the other prisoner heard it clearly, So lets start from there. OK he said, James honest, as soon as I said it, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up.

I could see he was genuinely concerned about his job and that he’d learnt a massive lesson in being a prison officer. I said, OK look the barrage of abuse you got there was a bit more than maybe you deserved. However, you did call it on by calling them dogs, Lets have you two back in your Kennels. Of course a prisoner is going to attack you, in all honesty you was lucky it was on verbal. I know he said, I wont be saying that again, I just felt so humiliated, which I could understand. If it was 3 other prisoners involved they would of made a formal complaint but, we are NOT Grasses, Uniform or not, I witnessed stuff over the last 40 years in prisons and an officer and a convict can always sort anything out amongst themselves. Go over and speak to the other lad I tell him and be straight with him too. Tell him you’ve spoke to me and we are sweet. OK Jimmy see you tomorrow.

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  1. I 100% agree with you its not right they have no life skills and someone doing large SENTENCE will not be spoken to like that been in many prisons many years and a 19 year old telling you get behind your door
    bla bla but were are they taught they are allowed to speak snd act like that ?? criminal offense on the outside i believe. how are you really gonna change ?lots need just time and calm conversations
    Well said love your stories

  2. I was inside in 2018, I warned a screw about an inmate that loved to strip, if she collected the dinners with a screw. She was an older screw and thanked me for telling her. The inmate still went, (she has bad learning difficulties-I know sh shouldn’t of been there!) but was warned about doing it, and was watched constantly, hence no problem. Next a new screw was told to do same, she insisted on not taking her, although advised against it, and the inmate jumped on her and nearly knocked her out!!!!
    The new ones definitely need the old ones

  3. Well done highlighting an important problem, the fact the guards didn’t even realise the weight of essentially calling someone a dog speaks volumes about the lack of experience. Best wishes.


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