40yrs experience: A rough outline for the lay-person on prison reform, prison system & prison life as a whole.

TO THE LAYPERSON. TO GET SOME IDEA OF JAIL. WITH SOME UNDERSTANDING TO WHAT IS PRISON REFORM... In simple terms, a real basic outline is all anybody could give you without having the real personal experience yourself. Therefore, I shall get as close to an understanding of prison, thus everyone involved in the system seems... Continue Reading →


CPS FIGHT AGAINST VOILENT PRISONERS... REMEMBER THE POSTERS WITHIN THE PRISON ESTATES...ONE PUNCH = FOUR YEARS... A significant step forward in the fight against violence in prisons has been taken today (27 February 2015), with the publication of a joint national protocol on crime committed in prison. The new joint protocol produced by the Prison... Continue Reading →


People that are in prison are not the wealthiest in Britain. Sadly a large percentage of prisoners live below the poverty line. Hence, poor social skills and social-economic depravation coupled with the criminality. The reality is it is only a very small percentage of prisoners that actually gain from criminality. The majority live from hand... Continue Reading →


There is still 90% of prison estates that do not have in-cell phones yet. Therefore, I will give you a quick overview of how the phone system really works in our prisons. The way you phone people from prison (right from the start – no exceptions, no “one phone call allowed”, nothing like that) is... Continue Reading →


This is certainly not the answer... Last month, Prisons Minister Rory Stewart announced that every officer in an adult male prison will be equipped with PAVA – a synthetic pepper spray which can be used to incapacitate violent prisoners. The £2 million investment followed what was described as “a successful pilot”. The government made no... Continue Reading →

Approved Premises

Most released prisoners can expect to be accommodated in what used to be called ‘hostels’ and are now called Approved Premises, or APs. When I was released in 2013 after 12 years banged up I arrived at Bristol AP, Bridge House, in the grip of joy and resentment in about equal measure. The resentment was... Continue Reading →

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