Muslim Gang/Crew?

This is a guest post by Mia Harris, Research Officer at the Prison Reform Trust. You can follow Mia on Twitter @mia_harris. Muslims are significantly over-represented in prison Last month the Ministry of Justice published a report on ‘the nature of Muslim groups and related gang activity in three high security prisons’. Some media coverage presents Muslim gangs... Continue Reading →

Transforming Rehabilitation

Ministry of Justice announces the end of Transforming Rehabilitation with all offender management now the responsibility of the National Probation Service. Back to the future?   VERBATEN. PRESS RELEASE. National Probation Service to take over responsibility for all offender management Up to £280 million to be made available for voluntary and private sectors to deliver... Continue Reading →

40yrs experience: A rough outline for the lay-person on prison reform, prison system; prison life as a whole.

TO THE LAYPERSON. TO GET SOME IDEA OF JAIL. WITH SOME UNDERSTANDING TO WHAT IS PRISON REFORM... In simple terms, a real basic outline is all anybody could give you without having the real personal experience yourself. Therefore, I shall get as close to an understanding of prison, thus everyone involved in the system... Continue Reading →

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