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THIS IS HOW A NEWSPAPER HEADING WOULD START..... “There were four lads in one cell and one of them was getting battered. “He was on Spice. The staff just turn a blind eye.” The minister for courts and justice, Rory Stewart, has pledged to ­resign if his campaign to tackle violence and drugs in struggling... Continue Reading →


Justice secretary David Gauke

https://www.theguardian.com/society/prisons-and-probation The justice secretary, David Gauke, accepts that improvements are needed. The monitoring of offenders in the community faces another shake-up after disastrous reforms introduced by Chris Grayling forced the government to bail out failing private probation companies by more than half a billion pounds. David Gauke, the justice secretary, has announced that eight private... Continue Reading →


This is something that I wrote in jail, a few years ago. However, reading it brought back a few memories and realistically I wanted to see how much has really changed, in the many years that have past and since I wrote this up... The truth of the matter is prison officers have to concentrate... Continue Reading →


FEAR,FEAR&FEAR=VIOLENCE As each door unlocks and more prisoners spill out on to the landings, it goes from a quiet hum and the odd sound of jangling keys to a noisey chaotic atmosphere. Prisoners talking about last nights TV, along with yawns, grunts, farts, coughs and then, trading begins. A roll-up for a teabag, a milk... Continue Reading →


AboutThis is a real take on the British Judicial System and all those involved within this system. The criminal justice system has a long way to go. That is why it is crucial for this blog to be shared with you the reader. This includes everyone from the Justice Secretary himself, the prisons minister and… Continue Reading →


Lets just hear about one fellas experience, his first few nights in jail. These would be at the opposite end of the scale for me, as I learnt' every angle/stroke and manipulation, as tactically that was humanly possible to get going through the chaos of reception on them first nights. I have been through receptions... Continue Reading →

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